Between 5 to 10 : the perfect age to learn English

It is at this age that your child has superpowers to assimilate and reproduce the sounds of a foreign language. Thanks to Pili Pop, they will be able to develop their abilities and benefit from them for the rest of his life!


Speak English while having fun

With over 300 activities, engaging characters and a rich universe, your child will discover the pleasure of learning a new language in total autonomy.

Pili Pop encourages them to practice regularly and their progress is rewarded.

Try it out for free, 40 games are included!

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An innovative approach

  • speech recognition technology to assess pronunciation for children.
  • content validated by our pedagogical expert, that follows the school curriculum
  • a progression from word to complete sentence, accessible even to children who cannot read
  • very few texts to focus on listening and speaking practice
Our method
1 million downloads since 2014
30000 words spoken per month
10000 satisfied children per week

They talk about us and support us


Try Pili Pop for free

The best way to understand how Pili Pop will help your child is to try it!
You can test the application for free without any commitment.

Pili Pop - Trial version

  • 40 free games
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  • No commitment
  • No credit card required

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Pili Pop - Subscription

  • 50+ themes available
  • 300+ activities available
  • Unlimited kids account
  • Monthly progress report
  • Available in 3 languages
  • Engaging videos
  • Starting at €4.99/month

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The best age to learn English

Playful and educational

Playful and educational, my 6 year old son amazes his teacher in English

Stéphanie A.

Spectacular growth

Great application. My daughter has progressed dramatically in English!

Paul B.

An amazing app

An amazing app for immersing kids. The App differs from all those apps where kids can play without really making any effort just with a little tactics. Here not at all. You have to listen and talk and it’s fun. I love the different themes (body, numbers, animals, vehicles, family..) He has gained quite a level in 3 months. Congrats really.
And thank you ?

Morgane H.

True learning experience!

My kids got hooked up quickly and they are really learning!

Emmanuelle L.

Playful and educational

My 4 year old daughter is learning while having fun. And she is the one who asks me to work on her English… So for my part I am 100% satisfied.

Titefam T.