Pili Pop is the best way to learn a new language for children ages 5 to 10,
whatever level they currently have.

Unique expression activities

A language is spoken above all else! We make a point of honor to work on oral. For this purpose, we have created expression activities, during which the child must correctly pronounce words in order to gain points and progress through the game.

A rich universe to improve while having fun

To keep your children motivated, we have created a colorful universe around themes they enjoy (pirates, aliens, robots…). In Pili Pop, there are over 200 fun activities and various themes (colors, fruits and vegetables, clothing…) to improve while having fun !


Adopt your own Pili!

To encourage children to regularly come and train on the application, we have set up a space where their mission is to take care of their Pili. Children must win chilis by playing activities in order to make their companion grow and evolve. Children can also speak with their Pili and make it repeat what they say.

An ideal feature to motivate children on the long term and to make them work regularly!


Regular monitoring for parents

In order to not miss out on your child’s improvements, you will receive a progress report by e-mail every month. Time spent, number of words learnt, improvement by theme, you will find all the information to follow the progress of your child in this new language.
You will also have access to educational advice to best support your child’s learning.


Want to give Pili Pop’s applications a try?

We offer 40 games for free (no commitment required).


Access to all three applications

Learn English, Spanish and French

for the same price.

Unlimited child accounts

Create as many accounts as you want

for the whole family.

Access on multiple devices

Find your subscription on 5

different devices even offline.

A monthly progress report

Receive by email your

children’s progress every month.

Past the 40 free games, subscribe to Pili Pop,

starting from €4.99 per month.

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