Pili Pop Labs

Pili Pop Labs is a company of the Unique Heritage Media Group. Based in Paris, Pili Pop Labs specializes in language learning for children. Since 2012, our mission is to help children around the world become bilingual by discovering the pleasure of learning a foreign language.


Soiny Duval


Soiny is a graduate of Gobelins, one of the top graphic-design schools in France. She is a graphic designer and expert in user experience (UX design). She learned English at school but never really managed to be able to speak it until she worked in an English environment during an exchange program in the Netherlands.

For Soiny, the best way to learn a language is through immersion.

Elsa Prieto


Elsa also graduated from Gobelins but as a developer. She started coding at 16 while learning 6 differents programming languages. She learned Spanish at the age of 10 when her parents sent her to stay with Spanish relatives for a month.


For Elsa, the best way to learn a language is by practicing daily.

Hélène Camu


A graduate of the Specialized Masters in Video Games and Transmedia (Gobelins / Cnam-Enjmin), Hélène is an illustrator and art director. She is interested in innovative methods of education and learning for children and adults through new technologies.

For Hélène, the best way to learn to speak a language is to do it while having fun.

The story of Pili Pop Labs


Elsa Prieto and Soiny Duval met at the Gobelins school. For their diploma project, they created an software project for children aged 5 to 10 years old to allow them to learn English easily.


Elsa and Soiny took on the project 100% and integrated the start-up accelerator Numa Sprint (previously called Le Camping). They met Eugène Ernoult who became the marketing and communication manager of Pili Pop.


Elsa, Soiny and Eugene founded the company Pili Pop Labs. The first version of the application, called Babble Planet at that time, came out in September 2012.


The application changes name, Babble Planet became Pili Pop.


Release of the application Pili Pop Español.


Unique Heritage Media bought Pili Pop Labs.

Launch of the Pili Pop section in the magazine Pirouette in partnership with Fleurus Presse.

Launch of the three first immersive books.


Release of the Pili Pop Français application.

Release of three new immersive books.